Any questions about NETELLER?

Playing online there is really no way around a NETELLER account. We will have a closer look at some of the ordinary questions about NETELLER.

General recommendations

We recommend all visitors to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, and the payment methods and keep them at an easily accessible place.

  • What is NETELLER?

NETELLER is an online money transfer service. You can open a NETELLER account, which acts like an online wallet. You are able to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to the many merchants that support NETELLER. NETELLER is owned by Paysafe.

  • How do I deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds?

Once you log into your NETELLER account, just follow the links on the main navigational bar at the top of the screen or use the Quick links located on the left of your screen to move to the desired section. Each process is explained in full detail in their respective sections.

  • How do I become Certified?

Becoming a Certified NETELLER member is a simple process, which has many benefits. American residents can simply register and verify a bank account with NETELLER International users may become Certified by faxing in a clear copy of their passport and both sides of a personal credit card. Once you become certified you will be entitled to all of the benefits of certification. There is additional information on certification in your NETELLER account.

  • How do I verify my bank account?

After registering your bank account, NETELLER will debit and credit your account for two amounts less than one dollar at NETELLER's expense. When you find out these amounts from your bank statement, enter them in the NETELLER system and your account will be instantly certified.

  • Why was my withdrawal declined?

It is NETELLER policy to withdraw your funds using the same method as they were originally deposited. Therefore, if you deposited £/€$20 by credit card, then you must withdraw £/€$20 back to your credit card. Any subsequent amounts may be withdrawn using other methods.

  • Why was my credit card declined?

A credit card can be declined by the bank issuing the card. You may call the issuing bank to find out what is wrong with your card. Three invalid credit card attempts within one hour will cause your NETELLER account to be automatically closed and you will have to contact customer support in order to have it reopened.

  • How do I change the personal information in my NETELLER account?

In the navigational bar at the top of your NETELLER account, there is an option to “Edit Account”. This will allow you to change your phone number and password in the NETELLER system.

  • Why is my transfer to a merchant still pending?

Not all merchants accept transfers 24 hours a day. Some merchants work regular business hours and some do not. It is solely up to the merchant to accept or decline any funds to or from NETELLER. If a transfer you made to a merchant has been pending for a very long time, you may wish to contact the individual merchant or cancel the transfer from your account.