45 Half Time Free Spins & Full Time Free Spins, no deposit required

Half time free spins and fuld time free spins

Are you ready for some more interesting football when the EURO 2016 kicks off again today? Many casinos are, and that means that there is a great chance of picking up both some Half Time Free Spins and some Full Time Free Spins, no deposit required. First, here is the list of casinos where you can get some EURO 2016 free spins. Obviously you need an account to be eligible for the EURO promotions:

Betfair Casino has a daily free kick game to win free spins

Unibet Casino offers free spins both at Half and Full Time

Betsson Casino has free spins after first Half of each game

We'll take a closer look at the EURO 2016 promotions below.

Betfair Casino EURO 2016 Challenge with daily free spins

To start of, visit Betfair Casino's ‎Euro‬ Challenge where you can win daily free spins, no deposit required. Right now, you can take a free kick every day until July 10 in a fantastic Euro 2016 challenge game. Score a goal and you will win yourself 5 or 10 free spins. It’s free to play! Join Betfair Casino as they celebrate the summer of football.

Fantastic Half Time Free Spins and Full Time Free Spins

Hold on! After that there are Half Time free spins at Unibet and Betsson Casino: Claim 5 Free Spins during half-time of every game during EURO Football 2016.

At Unibet Casino: Open Starburst exactly 45 minutes after each game starts and the casino will have Free Spins for the first 5,000 players who open the game and start spinning. If there are no Free Spins waiting for you, then you just missed out on that match – please head back for the next half-time interval. Visit Unibet at CET 15:45, 18:45 and 21:45 here.

Betsson: Get your 5 free spins during halftime at the Spin & Win Slot from CET 15:45 – 16:00, 18:45 – 19:00 and 21:45 – 22:00. Get your free spins during the matches here!

Finally there are Full-Time free spins at Unibet Casino. Claim 5 Free Spins on mobile after full-time of every game during EURO Football 2016. Open Starburst on your mobile device after the end of regular-time (90 minutes) of each game and Unibet will have Free Spins for everyone who opens the game. Get your free spins here!

Terms and Conditions Apply. Good Luck !

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