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This Weekend’s Best Casino Advent Calendar Bonuses, No Deposits and Free Spins

Have you bought all you Christmas gifts? Don't have any other plans this last Advent before Christmas? Well, don't worry! Here are all the Best Casino Advent Calendar Bonuses for this Weekend!
My biggest wish for this Christmas is an iPhone. This is why I must participate in this promo (Maybe I shouldn't have told you about it to keep my chances bigger…). It's very simple and almost free to participate in the “Win an iPhone at Will Hill Vegas Christmas Advent Calendar! – If you play at Vegas today – just one (1) game for 1 p – you will be given one entry into the draw for the iPhone tomorrow – DONT FORGET TO OPT IN!! Titans Christmas Advent Calendar says this today: “Our Support team is handing out a EUR 5 bonus to players who contact them today…”. I don't know the terms for this offer, but it sounds like free money, right?

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