Win a Day Casino Introduction

There is a lot of talk going around these days, and much of it is about the exciting new online casinos recently launched by the well-established and trusted Slotland developers. If the word has not yet reached you, get ready for some great new gaming fun at the flash-based Win a Day Casino! This new casino offers a virtual casino that will knock your socks off.

As you first enter the Win a Day Casino site, you will find yourself in front of the doors of the virtual casino. As you enter, you will see avatars coming and going, some of them imparting information to you along the way.

Once in the lobby, you will find each available game ready to play at the click of your mouse. If you want to test out the games before playing with your own dollars, Win a Day Casino offers the option of setting up a free player account, which is quick and easy. And once you play the games a bit and get the feel of play, it is extremely easy to convert your free player account into a full money playing account, without losing your user name, password or other relevant information.

If you are the type of player that wants to forgo animations and strolling through the different sections of the casino, there is always the intuitive menu system, located at the top of the screen. The games menu is found in the upper right corner, and in the upper left area are the remaining menu options, such as banking or registering a real money account, along with mail, account information, bonus notices and overall help. Move your mouse over any red triangle within the menu system and you will find even more options available to you to allow you to customize your game screens, including floating bet and payoff tables, toggles for sound and more. The developers pretty much covered all fronts in providing the game screen you want to play with. You can even remove all text menus for a game screen dedicated to your slot and winnings!

Currently, nine exciting games are open for the player: Jack’s Show, Lucky Go Round, Wheeler Dealer, Heavenly Reels, Gold Boom, Slot-O-Matic, Vegas Mania, Deuces Wild and their newest game, Bonus Poker. You will find that each game at Win a Day Casino is uniquely designed, giving the gambler the option to play truly different games.

Also, each game offers excitement for both the high roller and the casual gamer. Simply click the high or low button found on each machine, and you are offered an array of wagers suited to your wallet.

Perhaps the most exciting aspects of Win a Day Casino is the fact that a progressive jackpot builds from the wagers of all machines and you can be the jackpot winner at any machine. Yes, Win a Day Casino offers a linked progressive jackpot which spans across all present and future games.

Of course, to be a jackpot winner, you need to register a real money account and deposit some money. With Win a Day Casino’s excellent 200% welcome bonus, you start of a winner, and with their easy to understand and fair wagering requirements, you will find that you can play any game you wish, without limitation. We all love to play, but it is also reassuring to know that when you do come out a winner, you have chosen the right casino, who pays out cheerfully and quickly to ensure the maximum player satisfaction possible.

Since Win a Day Casino offers a free play mode, without the necessity of downloading any additional software, yet experiencing top notch online gaming, you really have nothing to lose by checking out Win a Day Casino. With their 98% pay back rate, along with superior customer service, smooth and swift banking and expanding game list, you will never regret the fun times you will have.

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